Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Sort of an Update

I've been silent here because I've been posting about D&D over at my old school blog, The Nine and Thirty Kingdoms. However, this project hasn't been abandoned. The basic rules (the character creation and basic play sections in the summary) form the basis of what I call the Blanc character description and Paris effects description systems, which can either be combined with some story control rules to form a light game like Cursed and Rotting, or added to traditional RPGs to add detail without too much crunch. And I do have a detailed PDF for Cursed and Rotting in the works. I kind of set it aside for a while because it mostly needs trivial elaborations of the rules.

However, I am mulling over whether I should give detailed examples for every possible marine experience, or whether I should merely list possibilities for different categories. Some D&D people have expressed interest in this game, but I think they're looking for crunchy maritime rules, which wasn't my intention at all. I'll have to consider whether I can provide anything useful on that front.

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