Monday, September 14, 2009

Two-Week Deadline

Since I have had hardly any time to actually type on the computer, I can't finish the expanded draft of A Sea Deep, Cursed and Rotting today. Instead, I edited the summary I created earlier, clarifying which rules are optional, rewording some rules, and adding some more detail on what the GM should do, plus a cover page with an illustration and the full-sized dice map as the last page. Here is the six-page summary version of A Sea Deep, Cursed and Rotting. For my elevator pitch:
When the zombie crew claims you, both Sea and Sky damn you to Life-in-Death. Return to your loved ones... or the truly dead.
Thanks to Noah, Eric, Mark, and Hans for looking over the rules and asking important questions, and to my co-zombie mariners Charlie and JB for encouraging me to go ahead with my design, despite the fact that we're all doing Rime of The Ancient Zombie Mariner. Their versions do seem to be taking a different slant on the material; check them out.


  1. This looks great, John. I like the judgement role of the GM, and the factors. Seems like there could be more--things like "outnumbered", "adverse conditions", etc. And the use of the dice map is wonderful.

  2. Hey, thanks, Emily. And yeah, I was assuming quite a bit more factors. For a fuller text, I'd include a lot of examples.