Friday, September 4, 2009

Plan of Attack

Here is my rough to-do list:
  1. Create mechanics and structure for points previously described;
  2. Complete summary of the game by the Sept 7 deadline;
  3. Collect literary quotes for use in chapter heads;
  4. Write very short original fiction snippets, much shorter than the fluff sample already posted;
  5. Write fuller treatment of summarized rules, with examples and setting info;
  6. Get minimal illustrations from public domain sources (probably a couple etchings from Gustave Doré;
  7. Layout draft PDF by Sept 14th, with summary above as sidebars, expanded description as main text;
  8. Get play testers for game;
  9. Revise text of PDF for second draft by Sept 30th;
  10. Consider publication and changes necessary for final version.

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