Monday, September 7, 2009

Shore Leave

Eventually, the characters will make it to a port. The rules on land are slightly different; I've already covered the way gulls, rats, ravens and scavengers will react to the characters, as well as the nightly 2d6 roll to see if the rest of the crew attempts to reclaim the characters.

The PCs can attempt to hide in the city or flee overland, but this puts off the inevitable. What the PCs need to be concerned about are their damnation and their state of decay. Decay, of course, is already described. There is an additional trick when in port: if your character is damaged, but you can convince an NPC with whom you have a relationship to tend your wounds, in place of the 2d6 roll risking further Decay, you can substitute a 2d6 roll with a risk of revealing your zombie nature, adding +1 for the relationship factor. If an NPC is horrified, further interaction with them without taking steps to hide your zombie nature will risk losing the relationship completely.

Originally, I was going to include a Damnation score and have characters do damage to it, but instead, it's easier to use the ship's curse rating as the number to beat and simply give the PCs a "Damned" label. Every time a character protects or rescues a loved one or risks their own life for the good of their loved one, roll 2d6 and beat the Curse rating of the ship to earn 1 point towards escaping damnation. There is a risk of immediate visitation by the ship's crew, however.

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