Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Structural Outline

Here's the basic structure of the game as I envision it:
  • Make sure everyone is clear on any special rules or setting details (changing historical period, using the guts of another game;)
  • Name each character, pick backgrounds, set age;
  • Play out or describe shipwreck/pirate attack and the arrival of the Flying Dutchman;
  • Confrontation with Van der Decken and first course;
  • Determine days to first destination, which determines how many interlude scenes occur;
  • Pick and play out interlude scenes (confrontations with the crew, catastrophes, piracy, flashbacks);
  • Reach first port, play out an attempt at redemption;
  • If unredeemed, continue to next destination.
The interlude scenes are opportunities to flesh out characters or improve them in other ways, but with risks in each case. There will be different kinds of interlude scenes, with different benefits and different risks. The redemption scenes are attempts to break the curse and return to the living, but risk destruction of loved ones or final death.


  1. Hey there. I'm totally intrigued by your game, especially after your "The Dice Are Cast" post. This structure has me curious, and I'd love more explanation of it. It seems like you have it pretty well gelled in your head how the game will work.

  2. Hi, Hans... there'll be more explanation over the next couple days, as I flesh out the rules. I do have most of the game in my head; it's just a matter of implementing a couple features and writing stuff up. I'm conceiving it as a horror-adventure game, where everyone is damned, basically shanghaied by zombies. PCs can attempt escape, but despite their appearance of life, they are technically dead until they are no longer damned. Scenes in the game get broken up into:
    - horrific atmosphere, like the first meeting with the captain;
    - encounters, similar to traditional adventure games (storms, sea monsters, raiding other vessels, shore leave);
    - flashbacks to life before damnation, which can earn a resource usable to temporarily undo the worst effects of the curse.