Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Statement of Intent

The 2009 Game Chef has begun. I originally was not planning on participating, especially since the inspiration I had turned out to be close to two other designers participating... but they encouraged me to join, anyways.

I mainly participate in the Game Chefs and other design challenges because of the random inspiration, but also because of my theory that, if you do something 20 times, you might actually turn out something good one of those times. Practice, practice, practice.

Since the constraints are so light this year, I'm going to use very few of them. No, I won't be using the Intrigue theme. I won't be using most of the ingredients. Howevcr, three of the ingredients -- Dividers, Star, and Seabirds -- suggested something maritime, and Seabird in particular suggested the Albatross. That, and the special distinction badge for using zombie protagonists, made me think "I haven't done a horror game yet."

More to follow.

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