Saturday, September 5, 2009

Events Dice Map

Here's the dice map for randomly determining events during the voyage of the damned. I'm still working out the details on this, but it works pretty much like the dice map mechanics I've used in previous games: you roll dice on a printed version of this dice map and interpret the results based on where the dice land.


  1. Hey, I've read your other post about the dicemap and had a few questions. FIrst off, what if two of the three dice tie for highest or lowest? Does that mean two events happen simultaneously?
    Also, how often do you plan on rolling on the dicemap? Is it just after the previous event is resolved, or just once a turn?
    Thirdly, do you see enemy NPC's becoming developed characters, or just staying as obstacles?
    Anyway, this game looks really cool. I would have never thought to convert the Rime into an RPG.

  2. Hi, Noah, and thanks for the compliment. To be fair, I'm not the only one inspired by the Rime of the Ancient Mariner; check out the other Zombie Mariners linked in the sidebar.

    I covered ties/matches in another post, but the short version is: a tie for lowest or highest adds detail to the event. GMs can roll on the dice map anytime they feel like random input, but the default is to roll whenever a major event is needed. Thus, it's not quite every turn, more like every day, since there may be multiple minor events in between major events.

    Any NPCs that look like good candidates as continuing characters can be fleshed out. I myself would insist on one or two new damned NPCs being taken every time the crew of the Dutchman raid a ship. Others would be killed or eaten.